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Web Changes (December 2000)

This is where I'll announce the most recent additions to the web site. If you want to come back to this site later and see what's changed, you may want to bookmark this page ( - though remember to Reload or Refresh the page in your browser, otherwise you may just get the previous version from your cache! And please do use the feedback area to let me know how I'm doing - and about any information or links you'd like to see added to this site.

[21 December 2000] The main addition for this update is yet another(!) incomplete and unpublished book-project on the relationships between skills, magic and technology: Intuitive Technology, which I worked on with my colleague Cindy Pavlinac when I was still living in the San Francisco area in 1989.

Most of the activity this time has happened on the separate and entirely new Yabbies site at Yabbies: using fiction to explore sustainability></a>, which uses fiction to explore the complex issues of sustainability - an expansion of some of the themes in my <em><a href=Wyrd World project.

Still nothing more as yet on the upcoming book Geomancy: Beyond Feng Shui - sorry!

Stop press! Wyrd EBooks now available: Positively Wyrd and Wyrd Allies have now been published in Acrobat EBook form - they're available for download, at £3.00 each, from get it from Web-orama.

[31 October 2000] Not as much as last time, but a fair bit added in this update: a teach-yourself article on dowsing, from Undercurrents magazine; four sample chapters from The Dowser's Workbook; and the entire content of the incomplete book-project No Fallen Angels - the 'workbook' companion to the unpublished gender-issues book Recovering From Whiplash, uploaded at the last site-update. Nothing more on the upcoming book Geomancy: Beyond Feng Shui as yet, but it's still coming along, if slowly!

[21 September 2000] Quite a lot added in this update: a number of out-of-print articles, the first chapters of the upcoming book Geomancy: Beyond Feng Shui, the entire of the unpublished book Recovering From Whiplash, and a whole load of personal photographs, just to mention a few items.

Also news: Needles of Stone and the previously unpublished Recovering From Whiplash are now both available free-download MSReader .LIT EBooks; and Positively Wyrd and Wyrd Allies will soon also be published in EBook form.

Oh, and I have (I hope!) fixed the bugs in the feedback pages, so you'll now be able to add yourself to the mailing-list - or to send feedback, of course.